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entry fee

Entry fee $220 per entry

Prices do not include VAT or taxes

Note: Once your entry fee has been paid, there will be no additional cost. 


Eligibility and Submission Details:
Who can submit? Any company or individual over 18 years old.
How many categories can I enter? You can enter as many categories as you like, with no limit on entries.
Can I enter multiple projects in the same category? Yes, you can submit multiple projects in the same category.
Can I submit the same project in multiple categories? Yes, if it meets the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility time frame: Projects, products, or articles must have been completed between April 2023 and November 2024. For the Excellence in Art and Design Curation category, exhibitions must have been open/available to the public, either in person or virtually, during this period.

Selection Process:
What are Créateurs Selects and CDA Nominees?
Créateurs Selects are long-listed entries.

CDA Nominees are finalists in each category, invited to the award ceremony in Paris.

Announcement Dates:
Créateurs Selects: December 9, 2024
CDA Nominees: January 1, 2025

CDA Winners: January 18, 2025

Winners Announcement:
CDA winners will be exclusively announced LIVE in Paris during the award ceremony. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Award Ceremony Attendance:
Who can attend the CDA award ceremony? The ceremony is exclusive to nominees and partners. We do not sell tickets to the award ceremony, ensuring an intimate and prestigious event.

Entry Modification and Judging:
Can I edit my entry? Yes, edits are allowed until payment is made. After payment, the entry is final.
Who are the judges? Over 300 CDA members from 55 countries, comprising respected talents in architecture, interior design, journalism, and product design.
Why submit to the CDA? It's a unique opportunity to showcase your work to industry leaders and press. This peer-to-peer award program celebrates high-level design and creativity, potentially opening doors to future partnerships and collaborations.

Additional Notes:

Contact Information: For additional questions, contact

By submitting your work to the Créateurs Design Awards, you gain the opportunity to have your creativity recognized and celebrated on an international stage.

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